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A group dedicated to the support of the arts, including writing, music, art, dance, photography, film, design, and architecture.

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The group's requirements are, if you'll pardon the pun, minimalistic. Anything that you reasonably believe to be within the category of "arts" (with the exceptions of obscenity, pornography or political/racist rants), is eligible for Graffiti. To help with indexing, the group also requires the use of magazine's name via the use of the tag "graffiti" on all published material. Although we'll regret it, submissions that fall outside those very minimal guidelines, or those that appear without the tag, will be removed without notice. A reminder: the category of "arts" includes topics such as "art" (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.etc.) writing, music, design, architecture, film, photography, and dance.

Our avatar was created by designer Marilyn L.